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E33: “I Cried At Work”: How to Turn your Tears into Your North Star!

May 17, 2021

Hi mommas and poppas!



I have a confession: I cried at work.

Here’s what you might not know: everyone cries at work at some point!


Because we are human and we care so deeply about others.

What do we make it mean?

We usually are ashamed of ourselves for crying, especially if others see our emotions.

We beat ourselves up for crying, which only layers on more pain and shame.


There is another way.

This episode is how to turn your tears into your North Star.

As Martha Beck says, people don’t cry when they lose their humanity, they cry when they find their humanity.

Your tears mean that you are human and you are connecting with your core truths.

If you can open up to the tears with love, be curious about your emotions and thoughts, your tears can reveal your inner truth and guide you back to your path.

After you allow yourself to cry, you might feel emotionally exhausted or a pure sense of peace and stillness.

The act of crying is a tremendous stress reliever.


Click on the podcast for all the secrets to how your tears are your Northstar.

Find your way back to yourself.

It is a beautiful thing, if you let it be beautiful.


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Until next time,

Keep your path in focus,


Christina Arnold, MD

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