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🍭Emotional Gobstoppers: The Problem & Cure🍭

September 27, 2021

Hi Mommas and Poppas,


Who knows what a "gobstopper" is?
They are delicious candies that have multiple layers of different colors and flavors.
The exterior color might be purple, but under the purple layer is red, and under the red is green, etc.


This week's tool is how to recognize EMOTIONAL gobstoppers.
For example, Anger generally overlies the deeper feeling of hurt.
Because we often hate feeling hurt, we often instead react with Anger because Anger feels powerful and aggressive.
You certainly can coach on the feeling of Anger and transition into another feeling, but that's not the root feeling and so Anger and other negative feelings will likely continue to pop up in other parts of your life.

But if you can uncover the thoughts causing the deeper feeling of hurt, you can dissolve the anger and cure the underlying issue.
Ever had a week where you keep struggling with irritability, disappointment, annoyance, or anger?
If you feel stuck in these emotions, consider that these patterns of emotions might actually be overlying deeper feelings and these deeper feelings are the root cause.
Coach yourself on the root cause, and the negative emotion dissolves and you can unstick yourself.
Click below to recognize emotional gobstoppers and know how to cure the root problem.





PS. Looking for help coaching on your emotional gobstopper? I have >1200 physician coaching experience-- I can help!  Faculty-level women physicians considering joining my coaching program UplevelMD who haven't had a free mini session can request your free 30min mini session at


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