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E35: I Went to My Own Funeral Last Week: Here is What I Learned

June 2, 2021

Hi mommas and poppas!


I went to my own funeral last week.

This episode discusses what I learned.

It brought deep connectedness and joy.

I shed layers that I had outgrown.

I dropped belief systems that, while familiar, I had recognized that they no longer served me.

I moved toward freedom.

I choose me.

I gave up fighting reality.

Spoiler alert: I came to peace with that I DON'T deserve to be full professor.

How do I know?

Because I am not full professor.

And that's just perfect.

It really is because it feels like freedom.

Now, some people will pick professorship because that choice feels like freedom to them.

And that is just perfect too.

I coach many clients to achieve promotion faster by working less.

The point is to carefully examine the costs and benefits and choose in the direction of you.

There is no wrong choice.

There is only the choice you made and then 100% believing it is the next best decision. 

This episode is about freedom.

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Be the boss.

Make the rules.



Until next time,

Keep your path in focus,


Christina Arnold, MD

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