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E34: Inquiring Minds MUST Know This!: Here’s the Scoop on What You’ve Wondered About But Haven’t Asked Yet!

May 24, 2021

Hi mommas and poppas!



We hit 8,000 downloads: Woohoo!


Today’s episode is for inquiring minds!


We will deal with all the questions that you have been thinking but haven’t asked.


This is a really fun session.


Here’s the dish: I gave the #5Secrets Masterclass to 4 different groups over the past few weeks, including surgeons, pathologists, pediatricians, and family practioners, among others.


They had the best questions!


I saved the best questions and will be fielding them today!


Here’s a sample:

-Can life be better than 50-50 with coaching?

-If not, what’s the point of coaching?!?

-How can I manage my mind when the news freaks me out?

-How can I figure my way around a toxic person who won’t change his mind?

-I am in a terrible job and I can’t figure out how to be happy.

-Does coaching mean we always have to make our current situation work? What if I want to leave my husband?

-How do I know if I should stay or leave a job?

-I have to close my notes in 24hours because it is the law. I feel terrible because of these rules!

-My partner works 2.0FTE and everyone thinks he is the best. How can I be a part of the group and not work 100s hours a week.

-What if my boss doesn’t give me credit?



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Until next time,

Keep your path in focus,


Christina Arnold, MD

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