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E32: Ditch Work-Life Balance/Integration and other Lies: Be The Boss Instead

May 10, 2021

Hi mommas and poppas!


Did you know that you don’t have to do anything?!?

You don’t have to pay taxes,

stay married,

pay your bills,

do the laundry,

call your mom,

take care of your kids,

or go to work!

Isn’t that amazing?

You really don’t have to do anything.


So you might be able to guess the answer to

the most common question I get:

what is my approach to work-life balance or work-life integration?

My answer?

I don’t believe in any of those lies.

I’d rather be The Boss instead.

It is So.Much.Better.

There is no guilt at all.

It is 100% freedom.


This show is for you whether you have kids or not. 

We all have lives outside of work.

Let's do a better job of living them.


Click on the podcast button below to learn my 5 secrets to FREEDOM.

Be The Boss.

Ditch the Guilt.



Like what you hear?!?

Click below to join my 1hour Masterclass on

5 Secrets to Upleveling Your Career, Relationships, and Life By Working Less!

You didn’t go to med school to be ordinary.

1h just might change everything.

Freebies will be had!

Register here & share with your friends, family, and enemies:

May 20 8pET/7pCT/6pMT/5pPT.



Until next time.

Keep your path in focus.


Christina A. Arnold, MD

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