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E28: Girrrrrrl, Life is More than Diamonds & Doggies!: A YPIF Escape Hatch for When to DITCH Coaching

April 12, 2021

Hi mommas and poppas!

This week’s #YPIF on “Girrrrrrl, Life is More than Diamonds & Doggies: A YPIF Escape Hatch for When to Ditch Coaching” just dropped and it is the last thing you would expect a coach to discuss!


And that's why it is sooooooooooo good.

Not everything needs a model, thought work, journaling, and a tissue box.

Sometimes we just need to boss through an issue with decisions and massive action.

Check out the episode to learn the 3 major categories for when I ditch coaching.

If you think you know everything about coaching (or not!), this just might blow your mind.

Share the show with you friends, mentees, and enemies!


PS: We’ll be discussing this and so much more in the YPIF Summer Session. You are 30 days away from up leveling everything. Invitations go to email subscribers only. Make sure you enter your email at subscriber’s tab at




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Until next time.

You are right where you are supposed to be.

Doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

At the exact right pace.

And so is everyone else.



Christina A. Arnold, MD

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