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E25: How to Deal w an Idiot w/o Becoming One (Conflict Essential Tips!) (Negotiations 201!)

March 23, 2021

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Hi mommas and poppas!

Today I share with you to deal with idiots without becoming one.

Conflict happens anytime more than one person is in the room.

Here are my best strategies for working through conflict, creating win-win-win situations, and designing your ideal life.

These lessons will help you with your boss, coworkers, friends, enemies, teenage children, partners, and in-laws.


Check out the show to learn:

the most common cause of conflict;

best approach to crucial conversations;

the surest sign you are headed for war;

the secret to diffusing a bomb conversation;

and how to not be an idiot.


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Until next time,

Keep your path in focus,

Christina Arnold, MD



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