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πŸ–οΈ92: Be Her Now

April 24, 2022

Ever hear yourself say any of this?:

"Someday when I retire I will travel more,"
"When I get promoted to full professor I am going to stop working on the weekend," or
"When my kids move away for college then I'll finally have time for a spa day."


Where do you want to be in 5 years? On last week's show we talked about creating our future self. We defined who we will be, what we'll need to believe, and how our life will be different. THIS WEEK, the work is to drop the future tense and start BEING her now! Stop referring to your future self as outside of you: drop the "but my future self wants to travel" and replace it with "I WANT to travel." Let go of the daydreaming language "when my kids go to college I'll have time for spa day" and instead create your spa day NOW. Be her NOW. The more you can start being her now, the more you will breath life into your impossible dreams.

PLUS, you get all these goodies:

βœ…The backstory of the podcast!

βœ…How to recognize signals that the universe is sending you [how to find your hot tracks!]

βœ…Use those signals to become aligned with your purpose and passions [soooooooooooo good!]

βœ…How to become your future self!!

βœ…How I decided to go part-time in Medicine


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Short on time???

Fast-forward to time-stamp 2:42 for the G-O-L-D!Β 





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