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🤯58: Jealousy Can Teach Us Who We Really Want To Be: Truth or Dare Challenge #3🤯

October 25, 2021

Find someone you've had friction or drama with.

Now, let all the grand and petty issues come to the surface.

Do your best to find ANY area where you just might be jealous of the other person (this is the hardest part but it is also where the magic trick is!!!).

If so, ask yourself, "why am I jealous?"

The answer is the key to your next best chapter.

If you can allow yourself to explore a new dimension to the other person, you will find an area in your own life that part of your brain really wants you to uplevel.

Give that to yourself and you step into your next best chapter, you ditch the jealousy with the other person, and life becomes a little bit easier.

In this way, some of the difficult people in our lives can be a gift, if we are open to using them as a Gieger counter (of sorts) to finding what we really want and need for ourselves.

This 7-minute podcast will give you the dish of what I learned from my very challenging relationship flavor of the moment.

I went from really hating on someone to realizing that my intense feelings weren't about them at all.

Meanwhile, the "other person" no longer takes up real-estate in my mind.

She's just a gift to help me live my best life.

It was the most beautiful thing ever.

Join me!





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