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📽️How to be The Watcher: How Have I Not Taught You This Yet?!?!📽️

September 20, 2021

Hi Mommas and Poppas,


Today's show is about a magic trick that I totally forgot to teach you about it!

I use it as much or more than I use the model.

I have taught my 1:1 private clients, but I realized today that I haven't taught my dearest podcast listeners yet.

If you think you have heard it all, buckle up!

This magic trick takes a bit of practice to perfect, but it can take you from LIVID to LIGHT in about 3 minutes.

Wanna know the trick?


This episode will teach you to become The WATCHER of your brain.

Instead of being in the middle of a hurricane of feelings and reacting to life, try this fix!

You don't have to do ANYTHING.

You simply zoom out of your life and watch your brain work.

I liken it to putting my brain in the palm of my hand and watching it with as much love and curiosity as possible.

Some people like the analogy of watching your brain, sort of like you are watching a movie at the theater.


The key is to get some distance from your brain so that you can see the model play out in real-time.

The totally non-instinctual trick is that you have to NOT want to move forward at all.

Instead, be willing to sit in all of it.

Watch your brain from non-judgment.

That's it.

It sounds so crazy simple that you might not have ever considered this an option.

This is the magic.

Give it a try.


Want help becoming The Watcher in your own life? It does take a bit of practice, and having a guide is incredibly helpful. If you are a faculty-level woman physician who is considering joining my coaching program UplevelMD and haven't had a free mini session before, sign up for your free 30min mini session at





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