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🍟95: How to Interrupt the 24/7 Negative Thoughts (Buffers/Urge Jar)

May 12, 2022

Does your brain offer you 24/7 negative thoughts about the world and you?

Ever been by an elevator bank and IMMEDIATELY pull out your phone?

Ever turn to Netflix when you know your dreadful work deadline is getting close?

Ever go to the pantry for Dorito-therapy when you are stressed about the vacation with the in-laws?
If you answered YES to any of these scenarios, you are a human just like me!

AND this week's episode will BLOW YOUR MIND.

This is the next tool in our current theme of how to achieve our impossible dreams.

This week I teach you a tool on how to GET.IT.DONE, how to understand AND retrain your brain, how to interrupt those negative thought streams, and how to stop letting Doritos (and mother in laws!!!) derail your life.

This week's tool is a game-changer, no matter what obstacle behavior is in your way.

Watch out Netflix, there is a new boss in town-- and it is you!

Here's what you get by the end of this show:

βœ…You will knowΒ what buffering is

βœ…How to spot buffering in your life

βœ…Why we buffer

βœ…What causes buffering

βœ…The CURE for buffering


⚑Click the button below for the HOW to retrain your brain! ⚑





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